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  • Jun 23, 2023
  • By Hafiz Aamir
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Proper hygiene in every house and institution is important, but it becomes even more necessary in a healthcare facility. Healthcare facilities include all clinics, hospitals, and assisted living areas. These places are expected to keep their patients in the healthiest state possible, so it would be very dissapointing to find out that these facilities lack proper hygiene.


So, how do you plan to keep an impeccably clean healthcare facility? What do you have to do, and what equipment do you need to carry out these activities?


This article contains tips on how to keep your hospital or clinic clean at all times. As a bonus, you will learn about a different product from any you have ever used. A hint- it’s safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and effective. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Just wait!


Figuring out an effective cleaning program for a healthcare facility is a sensitive topic and requires a lot of thought. You have to get experienced cleaners that understand the difference between simply cleaning and disinfecting. For a healthcare facility, you require both and much more. There’s also the fact that different cleaning techniques apply to different areas of a hospital or clinic. Surgery rooms, for instance, may require more vigorous cleaning and disinfection. In addition, it’s okay to keep your facility clean, but having it smelling like disinfectant all day long just doesn’t sit well. Here is where EcoloxTech comes in.

What makes EcoloxTech Different?


EcoloxTech uses water, electricity, and salt to generate a non-toxic cleaning solution called electrolyzed oxidizing water which contains mostly hypochlorous acid. If you want confirmation that it is non-toxic, consider that your body already produces hypochlorous acid naturally to help your white blood cells fight against invading microbial pathogens.


Electrolyzed oxidizing water, besides being non-toxic, is better than regular chlorine and many other disinfectants because it does not leave behind a strong odor. Many people dislike hospitals because of the pungent smell that comes with them. With EcoloxTech, you can easily avoid that.


EcoloxTech produces electrolysis systems that allow you to generate the electrolyzed water by yourself using just water and salt. Electrolyzed oxidizing water is safe and non-irritant and can easily replace any other solution you use for cleaning your healthcare facilities. You can use this product in any healthcare facility, including:


Assisted Living Facilities


The health and wellbeing of the fragile, disabled, or elderly residents in an assisted living facility is of the utmost importance, and the last thing anyone would want is to jeopardize their health.


For this reason, electrolyzed oxidizing water is the perfect antimicrobial alternative to chlorine bleach and quaternary ammoniums in these facilities. Since it is non-irritant and non-toxic, it can be used on countless surfaces including door frames, floors, windows, and even linens. It doesn’t cause discoloration like many other options.


Despite being non-toxic, this solution is incredibly effective. It kills bacteria, bacterial spores, and viruses 100 times more effectively than chlorine bleach. It can kill microbial pathogens the instant it comes in contact with them by damaging their cell walls or inactivating them. Because the hypochlorous acid in the solution (HOCl) is strong and stable, you can apply it in different ways, whether by spraying, fogging, or direct application.


Hospitals and Clinics


In a hospital, you have the waiting room, the doctor’s office, the wards, the consulting rooms, operating theaters, restrooms, and so on. Of course, all of these places require different kinds of cleaning and disinfecting.


A waiting room, for instance, will need to be cleaned constantly because different patients with a myriad of ailments are constantly going in and out. Many of them will sneeze or cough; in severe cases, someone may vomit. You need a cleaning solution on standby that will effectively kill all the pathogens released and leave the affected spot clean and safe. This is only possible if you use an effective, non-toxic solution.


So you see that once again, EcoloxTech’s eco-friendly, non-toxic product- Electrolyzed oxidizing water - has come to the rescue. You can spray the surfaces and wipe them down for overall cleaning. For more specific purposes, like when disinfecting the floor a patient just vomited on, you would need to make it more concentrated.


You can use it to sanitize hospital rooms- the bed frames, windows, stools, chairs, and equipment. A quick wipe-down will always work unless a significant mess has been made. Note that speed does not connote ineffectiveness.


Proper medical office cleaning requires a high level of meticulousness as well. This electrolyzed solution can be used to sanitize stethoscopes, other regularly used equipment, and contact surfaces in a doctor’s room. Floors, bathrooms, and surgery rooms are not exempt from this.


Other Things You Need To Note About Cleaning Your Healthcare Facility


What else do you need to know about cleaning effectively? Here are a few things:



  1. High-contact surfaces should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. These surfaces include counters in the reception area, pens that patients use to fill out forms, door handles, and so on.
  2. It is crucial to disinfect an area that has obviously been infected. This includes spots with the severely ill or spots where bodily fluids have been. Use strong disinfectants for these areas, and clean thoroughly. Before disinfecting, protect yourself by wearing gloves and face masks. When you are done using whatever solution you decide, make sure to air the place out.
  3. Spray-clean outdoor surfaces like windows for more efficiency.
  4. Create cleaning checklists and educate all staff on constantly disinfecting high-contact surfaces. Reminders can be placed at strategic points in the building; it will help people keep the habit.
  5. Keep doing this and watch new patients look around in surprise at how well put together your facility is. Now, isn’t that what we are all hoping for?



You know why you must keep your healthcare facility clean - to protect yourself and the patients. You know how to keep it clean, and you also know what you need to use. What’s left? Purchasing the product, of course. Good hygiene can never wait. Contact EcoloxTech now and have your facility sparkling clean in no time.



Other Uses of Hypochlorous Acid

We said earlier that hypochlorous acid is a general disinfectant. These are the other things that hypochlorous acid can be used to disinfect:

  • Food Produce
  • Meat
  • Furniture
  • Surgical/Medical Equipment
  • Livestock
  • Water
  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Household furniture and fittings
  • Toilets and bathrooms, among others.



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