Ecoloxtech 240 Commercial sized natural sanitizer system (HOCl)

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Transform Your Sanitization Practices with Ecoloxtech 240 Hypochlorous Acid Electrolyzer

The E-240 system is a compact, low-maintenance, single stream system that generates hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in solution through the electrolysis of salt and water. The system uses patented electrolysis cells that are unique in that they generate a stable HOCl molecule that is electrically neutral and with high oxidation potential (>800 mV), contributing to its effectiveness against microbial pathogens.


  • Model:   E-240 System - see system comparison
  • Electrolysis Type:   Single Cell, Single Stream, Non-membrane Electrolysis
  • Power Supply:   110V/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Build Material: Polished 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions:   32 x 17 x 42 cm (12.5 x 6.5 x 16.5 inches)
  • Weight:   11.8 kg (26 lbs.)
  • Solution:   Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)
  • Concentration:   10 to 200 ppm - see more details
  • pH:  Acidic to Neutral (pH5-pH8) - adjustable by additive & system settings
  • Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP):  800 mV to 1100 mV

Production Rates

Using Normal Salt Water Additive

  • Rate @160 ppm: 1 L/minute (0.38 gal./minute)
  • Rate @120 ppm: 2 L/minute (0.53 gal./minute)
  • Rate @80 ppm: 3 L/minute (0.8 gal./minute)
  • Rate @60 ppm: 4 L/minute (1 gal./minute)
  • Rate @50 ppm: 5 L/minute (1.3 gal./minute)
  • Rate @40 ppm: 6 L/minute (1.5 gal./minute)

Using Acidified Salt Water Additive (HCl added)

  • Rate @200 ppm: 1 L/minute (0.38 gal./minute)
  • Rate @160 ppm: 2 L/minute (0.53 gal./minute)
  • Rate @140 ppm: 3 L/minute (0.8 gal./minute)
  • Rate @105 ppm: 4 L/minute (1 gal./minute)
  • Rate @85 ppm: 5 L/minute (1.3 gal./minute)
  • Rate @70 ppm: 6 L/minute (1.5 gal./minute)


  • EcoloxTech 240 System
  • Salt Brine Additive Tank (2-Liter internal tank)
  • Installation and Operation Manuals
  • Test Strips - Hydrion Micro CM-240 Chlorine Test Paper
Manuals are available in the Downloads Tab in the Navigation Bar.
Recommended but not included

EcoloxTech 240 Brine Change Video


Regulatory Clearances for Food Contact

USDA Organic

Introducing the Ecoloxtech 240 Hypochlorous Acid Electrolyzer, the ultimate solution for all your sanitation requirements. This commercial-sized natural sanitizer system efficiently produces hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a potent disinfectant, to ensure a sterile and safe environment.

Equipped with advanced electrolyzer technology, Ecoloxtech 240 is capable of generating an unlimited supply of safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly sanitizer. With this unit, you can say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to an efficient, cost-effective sanitization method that is ahead of its time.

Deploy the Ecoloxtech 240 Hypochlorous Acid Electrolyzer in a variety of commercial establishments such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, offices, and more. Its compact design, combined with its unparalleled efficiency, makes it a superb option for those looking to upgrade their sanitization practices. Be part of the sanitation revolution and keep your spaces clean and safe with the Ecoloxtech 240 Hypochlorous Acid Electrolyzer.

Vendor: Ecoloxtech
Type: Electrolyzer
Weight:  26.0 lb