ByoPack™ Electrostatic Sprayer System & 2 x Eco Ones Natural cleaner and sanitizer system

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Transform Your Cleaning Routine with the ByoPack™ Electrostatic Sprayer System & 2 x Eco Ones Combo - A Natural Cleaner and Sanitizer System

The ByoPack™ Backpack electrostatic fogger and EcoloxTech Eco One combo is the ultimate setup for figting pathogens in hard to reach areas and for air disinfection. 

Both ByoPlanet and EcoloxTech is doing extensive research and studies in eliminating pathogens on hard surfaces, food contact surfaces. 

This package is tailored for a variete of industries, such as medical offices, dental clinics, schools and eldercare facilities.

With is ease to use and multiple areas for applying the sanitizer it is by far the best option on the market. 

Introducing the ByoPack™ Electrostatic Sprayer System and 2 x Eco Ones Combo - a game-changing natural cleaner and sanitizer system. This revolutionary system combines cutting-edge technology with the power of nature to deliver an unsurpassed cleaning and sanitizing experience.

With the ByoPack™ Electrostatic Sprayer, you have the ability to deliver a charged spray that gives a uniform coverage over a broad surface area. The Eco Ones Combo further enhances this by providing a natural, eco-friendly method of sanitizing spaces using biodegradable products to maintain a clean and safe environment.

This combination makes it ideal for various settings including homes, offices, hospitals, and schools. It helps mitigate the risk of cross-contamination, making your environment safer for everyone present. Experience a new standard of cleanliness with the ByoPack™ Electrostatic Sprayer & 2 x Eco Ones Combo - a truly natural cleaner and sanitizer system.

Vendor: Ecoloxtech