eXact® Micro 7+ Photometer for testing hocl

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Introducing the efficient eXact® Micro 7+ Photometer for HOCL testing

The eXact® Micro 7+ Photometer is a powerful water testing tool. Its advanced technology allows precise measurement of water quality parameters. With its user-friendly design, it's perfect for professionals and enthusiasts. This device provides accurate results for multiple water tests, from chlorine levels to pH. Its portability and efficiency make it a versatile choice for various applications, including pools, spas, and environmental monitoring. Trust the eXact® Micro 7+ for reliable and convenient water testing.

  • ests for: High Range Free Chlorine up to 250 ppm
  • Effortless reagent delivery technology using our patented EZ 3 Reagent System, 0.01mg/l resolution, 20 second tests procedure*
  • Stores last 20 tests of each parameter (160 in total)
  • Uses less chemicals and creates less waste with a 4 ml sample cell
  • Test with confidence knowing that no calibration is needed

The eXact® Micro 7+ Photometer is specifically designed for accurate, rapid and easy testing of HOCL in various applications. With its advanced technology, the photometer provides precise results in less than a minute. It's an essential tool for laboratories, water treatment facilities and anyone requiring precise water quality measurement.

The eXact® Micro 7+ Photometer incorporates advanced features like a waterproof design, automatic timer, and data storage. It also has an intuitive interface that ensures user-friendly operation and a minimal learning curve. The compact and portable design makes it suitable for both field and laboratory use.

Not only does the eXact® Micro 7+ Photometer provide precise measurement, it also contributes to efficiency and effectiveness. By providing quick and accurate results, it allows users to make informed decisions related to water treatment and quality control, thereby promoting health and safety in the community. Trust our eXact® Micro 7+ Photometer for reliable and precise HOCL testing.

Vendor: Ecoloxtech