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ECOLOXTECH Water Purification

ECOLOXTECH builds water purification systems using membrane capacitive deionization (CDI) technology.

How much water can it purify?

ECOLOXTECH CDI systems can be stacked with any number of CDI cells to meet the need of any project small or large. Whether it be for a home, business, manufacturing plant, or municipality, ECOLOXTECH can custom build a CDI system specific to any application.


How does it work?

CDI is a technology to purify water by applying an electrical potential difference over two porous carbon electrodes. Anions (negative charge) are removed from the water and are stored in the positively polarized electrode. Likewise, cations (positive charge) are stored in the cathode, which is the negatively polarized electrode.

Has it been researched?

In the last 30 years we have collected over 300 published research articles supporting the use of Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water for disinfection. Nearly every common bacteria has been studied as well as viruses and fungi. To learn more please visit our research page and search by microbe to find applicable research.

Commercial Water Purification

Whether it be for a small business or restaurant or for a large business, commercial building, or hotel, ECOLOXTECH can design a custom-built CDI system to purify the drinking water. ECOLOXTECH can design custom-built CDI systems which remove contaminants at the point of entry from the city water supply. By running public water through an ECOLOXTECH CDI before it comes out of the tap, you can help ensure that your water is clean and safe from inorganic contaminants.

Removing Contaminants

CDI is able to effectively remove the following water contaminants:

  • Temporary Hardness: Ca , Mg
  • Total Hardness: CaCl2 , MgCl2 , CaSo4 , MgSO4
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Chlorides and Sulphates
  • Sodium chloride: NaCl
  • Sodium Sulphate: Na2SO4
  • Nitrate Anion NO3
  • Nitrite Anion NO2
  • Ammonia NH4+
  • Iron (Fe) (when present in ionic form)
  • Magnesium (Mm) (when present in ionic form)
  • High level of oxidizers (when connected with humic acid)
  • Organic Micro pollutant (when present in dissociated form)
  • Hexavalent chrome
  • Arsenic
  • Fluorides
  • Heavy Metals

ECOLOXTECH CDI systems can be designed, engineered, and custom built to meet the needs of almost any application. The percentage of demineralization can be varied based on the specific water needs. This can be done by varying the potential difference across the electrodes from 1 to 1.6V. This characteristic, unique in respect to all other water purification technologies in the industry, allows for the alteration of the water's taste.

    CDI effectively removes most inorganic contaminants that are charged species such as nitrates, ammonia, arsenic, lead, flouride, magnesium, calcium, and total dissolved solids (TDS) or salinity.
    CDI can also remove organic contaminants if they have a charge. However, most organic contaminants can be removed by activated carbon filters prior to running through the CDI.
    CDI can remove radionuclide contaminants such as alpha particles, beta particles, Radium, and Uranium.


     CDI Advantages

    • ECOLOXTECH CDI has many advantages over Reverse Osmosis (RO):
        • Minimal Water Wasted - Compared to conventional RO systems that waste more than 30% of the water, the maximum water wasted in ECOLOXTECH CDI systems is less than 10%. This results in long-term conservation of ground water.

        • Lower Operating Cost - ECOLOXTECH CDI systems use no chemicals and have lower consumable requirements for operation. The systems consume less power and the total cost of producing treated water is in the range of 1 cent per 10 liters

        • Simplistic Operation - ECOLOXTECH CDI systems have a built in controller that automates the working of the system in local conditions and the entire system can be managed with little or no training.

        • Small Footprint - A typical ECOLOXTECH CDI system requires very little space to operate. ECOLOXTECH can build systems for homes that are small enough for a countertop or systems large enought to meet the needs of municipalities.

        • Environmentally Friendly - Since ECOLOXTECH CDI systems do not use any chemicals for treatment, the water drained from the system does not contain any chemicals that are hazardous to the environment. This ensures the safe release of water back to the environment.

      • Retention of Beneficial Minerals - Unlike water treatment in a typical Reverse Osmosis system, where most of the minerals are removed from the incoming water, ECOLOXTECH CDI systems can be set to retain desired levels of minerals that are beneficial to the human body.